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T - BELL TOBACCO: Our best selling tobacco blend. Rich and full bodied with a hint of almond.

T - BLACK HONEY TOBACCO: A great tobacco taste with a side of sweetness from the honey.

T - SIGNATURE TOBACCO: A classic bold cigar.

T - French Pipe: Fantastic vanilla tobacco with a honey undertone. (on-line exclusive) 

F - OKANAGAN VALLEY: A medley of fruit from B.C.’s own Okanakan Valley.

F - TROPICAL VALLEY: The old (VIP Club), our tropical 7 fruit medley

F - STRAWBERRY CHAMPAGNE: Sparkling strawberry, a fan favorite

F - GRAPE OF RASP: Delicious grape and raspberry medley (on-line exclusive) 

F - SWEET RASPBERRY: Sweet raspberry cotton candy (on-line exclusive) 

F - BLUE RAZZ: Tasty blue raspberry

F - RAZZLEBERRY: A perfect blend of sweet raspberry and ripe blackberry.

F - BLACK & BLUE: A simple but delicious combination of blackberry and blueberry with a touch of cream. (on-line exclusive) 



M - FUJI SAN: light berry spearmint. (on-line exclusive) 

M - CANUCK MENTHOL: Bold and refreshing, this is Canadian winter in a bottle.

M - CREAMY MENTHOL: Rich tobacco with a creamy mint finish.

M - MAJOR MENTHOL: Icy, crisp, and refreshing. A menthol tobacco fan favorite.

M - PEPPERMINT: Minty, fresh, delicious.

FM - GRAPE ICE: White grape and menthol flavour

FM - WAIKIKI: Mango and orange with menthol

S - STRAWBERRY ICE CREAM: Sweet strawberry ice cream

S - BLUEBERRY ICE CREAM: Blueberry ice cream 

S - OKINAWA: Very creamy strawberries (on-line exclusive) 

S - VANILLA: True vanilla, one of the best

S - ENGLISH TOFFEE: A must try for fans of sweet and creamy flavour

S - BUTTERSCOTCH: Sweet butterscotch flavour (on-line exclusive) 

S - VANILLA CUP CAKE: Vanilla Cup Cake

S - LEMON POUND CAKE: Lemon Pound Cake. (on-line exclusive)