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Specifically crafted range of 18 flavors.  Filled in Canada.

Includes: 3 pods x 2mL each

FLAVORLESS: Formulated for a neutral taste experience.

TOBACCO BLEND: Medium blend tobacco flavour.

CIGAR: Cuban leaf tobacco blended with subtle notes of sweetness for an authentic cigar taste.

MINT: A perfect blend of mint with a frosty finish.

FROST MINT: A smooth peppermint inhale blended with a frosty spearmint exhale. Great menthol profile.

HONEYDEW MENTHOL: A mixture of ripe honeydew melon with freezing cold menthol.

WATERMELON MINT: Juicy watermelon accented with a mint exhale.

GRAPE ICE: Fresh juicy grapes with a cool exhale.

BLUE RASPBERRY: A burst of sour blue raspberry with a symphony of sweetness.

MANGO: Tropical ripe mango nectar infused with just the right amount of sweetness.

PEACH: A sweet, Juicy and ripe peach bursting with flavour.

STRAWBERRY: Freshly picked vine ripened strawberry with a subtle sweetness.

BERRY BLAST: A fabulous mixture of raspberries, strawberries and other exotic berries.

TUNDRA BERRY: Refreshing menthol with a hint of mixed berries.